Genuine handmade Italian designs coming soon!!

While all the Angels are busy getting ready for our world tour launch, the FOUNDER/CEO of helpjess is busy in Europe meeting with many designers and manufacturers  to showcase our live demos to our valued members worldwide.

First stop in Europe was Rome, the CEO met with many Italian designers. After that he spent 2 days in Florence, Tuscany where he met with more local designers and store holders.

Our founder was absolutely blown away by their beautifully handmade leather designs and their stories behind their passion with some being in the region of over 60years.

This has inspired him even more and his passion to helping all designers worldwide very soon, thanks to our Helpjess technology.


Keep an eye out you may see the Founder in his next stops around Europe. His now off to France, Spain and London.


World Domination – Just bring it!

Helpjess Angel xxx



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