No real customer service online


Great customer service is paramount to a successful retail business. Without it, no matter how great your product, you WILL lose out on sales. Retail stores need to realize that the probability of selling to a new prospect ranges between 5-20%, whereas the probability of selling to an existing customer ranges from 60-70%. It’s also worth noting that 3 in 5 people would try a new brand or company for a better service.


Good customer service seems harder and harder to find. Every time I walk into a store it seems that the sales person is too preoccupied with their phone, checking their Facebook or Instagram instead of tending to the customer. When I do want to buy online to avoid the hassle of travel and dealing with sales staff, I find myself hesitant – will it look like it does in the picture? Will it fit me?


Now thanks to the HelpJess site, anyone can shop online and experience consistent quality customer service. It’s only a click of a button away, and you have the choice of live chatting or arranging quick live video chat with the in-store sales assistant. They will be able to showcase the item you wish to purchase, highlight any current store promos and recommend items to pair with the outfit. HelpJess ensures you know exactly what you’re getting when shopping online and provides you with a trusted point of contact for future visits to online stores.


Stay tuned as the HelpJess stores will be online soon.


Jess the Angel xx





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