TechNAsia in Singapore

What an absolute Blast!!!


We had 2 full days planned at TechNAsia, couldn’t be more stoked about the outcome.

Day 1 – Introducing our beautiful Angels from Singapore that were working for us on the day & possible future events around Asia, Lisa Marie White – Former Miss Singapore and her younger sister Sarah Jane White.


We had a super successful day with the ladies, we met some incredible people at the event and not to mention we had an incredible number of new VIPs registering with us. We are only allowed to register 2000 lucky people, who will receive full access to the application once launched in September, not long to go at all.


During the afternoon, we had the famous Singapore celebrity, designer and actress Weng Mang come to our booth. We got some fabulous photos with her and the lovely Angels (check it out on our Instagram @helpjessangels). Weng Mang has already been able to sell her dresses through our helpjess application. She has her plate full as it is juggling her career and store, and we are more than happy to help her increase her sales and take care of her marketing.


Later that afternoon we had our demonstration for everyone at the TIA event. Nikkii Blapp who has been with the company over a year now and is a designer herself. The owner of Sunbae Active and is also known as our Sydney Angel who was waiting in our very own first Pop up store ready for the demonstration, located in the warehouse of iCommerce Asia which also happens to be one of our partners. The demonstration was super successful for all the individuals and attendees at TechNAsia. Everyone is super excited for this new technology to take over the retail world.


Day 2, was another successful day for the team, also recruiting 2 new Angels who will be permanently looking after our pop up stores in Singapore. Watch out for them because you will be seeing these two beautiful Angels around. Welcoming Sarah Jane White and Laanya Ezra Asogan to the world domination Team!


Thank you, Singapore, such an awesome event and experience. We will be in contact with you and many others that signed up worldwide ready to announce our Helpjess pop up stores/ warehouses and our incredible Angels will be ready for you all ready to use to application very soon.


We will be continuing our journey to various events around the. We will also be working on opening another Pop up store in Australia by the end of this year. Where? Stay tuned for more details ;). For more Goss and updates follow us on Instagram, Facebook and our You tube channel.


Helpjess Angel x





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