We are finally LIVE!!

Our first MVP for helpjess app was released to the market on Thanksgiving. Since thanksgiving it’s been outrageously busy with video calls from all around Australia to Singapore and the US. We’ve made many customers super happy and astounded by what helpjess has to offer, same goes for all the designers around the world selling all their products around the world. It’s been an amazing first-hand experience to be able to connect with the beautiful helpjess angels around the world but also to be able to get to know and talk to designers one on one.


We’ve had astonishing results, the sales have hit through the roof because it’s really all about having fun. Our customers are having fun our designers are loving the application through this we all walk away happy.

Because it’s such a fun and exciting experience, first base customer service being able to connect and build a relationship with the designers or our angels.


Talking to the designers is probably the most exciting thing that could happen. They know their designs and they explain the materials sizing colours or answer any other questions you have about their products. We also have a few designers that customize their dresses which has also been a fantastic experience for our customers. The designers know their products best and can also liaise any alterations that need to be made. This app is fun and sassy, and super easy to use.


You can download the app now via Apple Store from your IOS tablet and search Helpjess consumer. OR through our direct link (use on IOS tablet) https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/hj-consumer/id1207757802?ls=1&mt=8


Stay tuned to hear more about our upcoming events and newer features.


Helpjess Angel xox


Let’s have some fun –




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